When No One's Alive : A Call of Duty Zombies Story (Part I)
When No One's Alive : A Call of Duty Zombies Story (Part I) zombies stories

germanjerky not a good writer lol
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After the events of moon take place, we follow main character Roman as he faces his new world, but he isn't alone. My first short story lol

When No One's Alive : A Call of Duty Zombies Story (Part I)

"You know, I kind of feel guilty for not spending more time with my family before shit hit the fan, and holy hell did shit really get bad fast.

I mean as far as I know there are giant holes in the fucking Earth. My family got lucky, they died in the initial explosion.

I'm still here, having to listen to zombies clawing at my front door every night. I don't plan on leaving this goddamn house, at least not yet anyway.

I'm running low on food, so that's fantastic. I might as well..." I stopped. "I'm talking to myself again, aren't I? Great." I sit on the couch and look up and sighed.

"I might as well look around the town now." I grabbed my pistol and walked to the door. I opened it slowly and looked outside and saw nothing but fire. "That isn't reassuring at all.

" I stepped out and moved slowly toward town square. With every step I listened close for the scream and steps of the dead.

The town that I've grown up is in now looking like fucking hell on Earth. Town square was getting closer and I was beginning to grow suspicious of how quiet it was around.

The square was dead, literally. Bodies upon bodies made the place look like black friday except everyone was dead, obviously. I walked into the closest store and immediately regretted it.

Moans from the back of the store made me want to walk away, but I needed food. I sighed long but quietly, "fuck it." A zombie could be seen eating the corpse of the store owner.

I shot it in the back of the head and stared at the corpse it was eating. "Well now she can't say no to me dating her daughter I guess.

" I was taking food off the shelves when I realized the back door had blue mist flowing through it. I walked over, opened the door and was hit by a wall of shit smelling gas.

I backed away quickly, covering my nose, "what the fuck?" I let myself smell it a little. "Ehh, it smells like the boys locker room at school. Whatever, I got what I need.

" I walked out of the store and onto the street. I stop dead in my tracks when I hear screams to my right. I look and see a hoard sprinting right towards me.

"Oh shit!" I ran the other way towards my house.

I reach the house and slam the door shut behind me. I'm panting like a dog trying to catch my breath.

"Where did they come from?!" I sit on the couch digging through everything I pulled from the shelves. Suddenly, I hear a voice speak to me silently. "Roman." It speaks again but louder, "Roman.

" I look around startled. "Wow I really need to stop talking to myself." The voice spoke again, amused. "Und I thought I was the only one who did that." I looked around frantically.

"Who's there? Where are you?" I look everywhere and didn't see anyone. "Am I crazy?" The voice chuckles a little, sighs and speaks. "Well if you talk to yourself regularly, I'd say so.

However, I'm glad you can hear me Roman. My name is Edward Richtofen. You can call me Eddy, Ricky-tofen, Conscience, just don't call me late to the party.

Am I right?" He laughs hysterically while I'm still trying to wrap my head around what's going on. I rush to the bathroom and splash water on my face.

"Why are you in my head?" Richtofen hesitates before answering. "That is a question I do not have an answer for my boy.

" He trails off into a whisper, "must've gotten into contact with 115 and lived... interesting." I relax as I try to calmly speak with the voice in my head.

My calm breaths turn into hysterical laughter. "First the world goes to shit then I make friends with the voices in my head. This is amazing!" I continue laughing until it slows to a chuckle.

I decided to sleep it off, blaming lack of sleep on the things I was hearing.

I slept hard that night, hearing whispers from every direction but I did my best to ignore it. A crash at my front door sent my flying out of bed.

No sign from the voice was a good one, but I needed to deal with what was at my front door. I peer around my bedroom door to find at least 5 zombies standing in my living room. "Shit.

" I thought. "My gun's in the kitchen. If I try to get it I'll be fucked." I frantically look around my room for something to distract them, at least for a second.

My eyes landed on a cymbal monkey toy I got as a joke birthday present a few months back. I quickly grabbed it, winded it up and threw it into the living room.

The zombies were going bat shit crazy so I took that as an opportunity to grab the gun. They noticed and immediately went for me. I loaded the gun and took them out one by one.

I stood over the bodies and said, "Dammit I can't think of a clever quip. Whatever." I stepped over the bodies on my way to the door to assess the damage. The door was on the ground.

"Now is probably a good time to pick a new place to stay then." I thought to myself.

Richtofen spoke, "Ooooo that's a great idea my boy!" At this point nothing surprised me, so I wasn't shocked when he spoke. "So you can hear my thoughts now?" I said unimpressed.

He chuckled before responding, "I was able to this whole time... words can hurt you know." He said jokingly, reminding me of what I said about him in my head yesterday.

He continued, "I know the perfect place you could go to find refuge. It has everything you'd need und everything will be sunshine und rainbows.

" Was I really about to listen to a voice in my head? Well seeing as how anyone can enter the damn house now, I guess I don't have a choice.

"Me providing this information, however, would mean you'd need to do something for your old pal Edward. I think it's only fair, yah?" I thought about it and reluctantly agreed.

"Wunderbar! Your new home is not far from here, I'll tell you where to go. When we get there und you get all cozy, I'll explain what I need from you.

" I collected my belongings and left the place where I lived for 12 years and followed the directions Richtofen gave me...

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