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gerbear_on_ice thought is the foundation of human mind
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characters broke open into my mind.

disabling my locks in the pavement as hunger made me reminisce of the good times,

the whisky on the doorway reeking of drenched memories lumped with toxic positivity,

everything is taken with a smile on my face but deep inside a frown is starting to raise,

look at me now, flickering like a firefly in the dawning morning sun

days passed by, I cruise myself with this feeling much familiar I never embrace,

fear took over my senses drowned with ecstasy,

with the blue ribbon on my wrist, I took everything with a risk,

now look at me fisking me, thanks for the scrying I still fail to foresee

waves and raves crashed, the blue ribbon sat by the pavement forever unattached,

it's colours embraced with passionate madness,

the wavy sides seemed devoured by the passage of time,

never bleeding out, but forever seeping out.

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