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gerbear_on_ice thought is the foundation of human mind
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These are words that intruded my mind after I remembered going into my favourite place; a boulevard by the sea, I always go there to recollect myself, or to chill by looking at the calm blue sea, when I heard a group of polyglots having a conversation in English, then Mandarin, and Hangul. Time passed by, I decided to return to my University, I found out that they were Americans so I was shocked and amazed at the same time for they know 2 more languages apart from their mother tongue, English.

it took me places by the bay,

stories trapped in my mind as I paced,

I was in a daze, happenings took me by the haze,

through thorough craze, I saw myself scrunching my lace

I heard stories never been said,

eulogies never been heard,

letters never been read,

regrets left untreaded

they said it was never the rest,

taken life too much more than a test,

now can't make up my mind lost on my own bets,

the stories spun my head, I sigh relegated.

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