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you /juː/ pronoun used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing.

you /angel/ my entire heart dreadful at the art of waking up on time, gifted in the art of stroking my hair and cradling my shoulder blades so that they don't break when the weight of being alive threatens to splinter me into pieces.

you /my love/ gorgeous a testament to all who love you, the sum of your roots intertwined with the beating heart of the present create a softer soul, kind eyes, tired but overflowing with affection.

you /infinite/ sweetheart at the forefront of my mind, saccharine infused smile, same blue jumper as always, unbearably terrible dancing that somehow becomes endearing when you do it, garlic mashed potatoes and house plants in your heart.

you /barnaby/ mine a boy who makes me feel like magic might be real.

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