Man Out of Time Chapter 1: The Barton Farm
Man Out of Time

Chapter 1: The Barton Farm marvel stories

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Man Out of Time Chapter 1: The Barton Farm

The sun and cool spring breeze caused me to stir out of my dreams.  I always dream, always feel, but can never fully remember my dreams.  I have gotten used to the simplicity of living at the Barton farm.  My family.  The only family that I have left.  I enjoy the time helping Aunt Laura around the farm, helping her with the kids.  Having three kids and basically a single mother isn't easy.  I know that Uncle Clint would

prefer to be here.  I look forward to the days when he is here.  It means I get to have more time training with someone watching to critique what I may be doing wrong.  I don't know what Clint's plans are for training me.  Is it to help keep Laura, the kids, and myself safe while he isn't here? Or does he have actual plans of me helping him and The Avengers out? One could only wish.

I finally open my eyes.  My room isn't much to look at, but it's home.  Small and cozy.  My sheer curtains blow in the breeze, and I get a waft of breakfast being cooked.  Laura always wakes up extra early.  Hoping for a word from her Avenger husband.  I kick my feet off the bed and onto the warm wooden floor. Stretching my arms high above my head and letting out a yawn before popping my neck.  Let's get the

day started.  Clint and Nat promised it wouldn't be long until they came back for a visit.  Laura missed Clint, and he her.  I missed him too, but also yearn for a more exciting life.  Even though this one is quite comfortable and safe, it's just not exciting. "Charlie!" I doubt Laura heard me wake, but my routine is pretty predictable.  Nat would be ashamed of me.  I put on

some jeans and shirt, brush my teeth and head downstairs to help set the table and ready it for our breakfast. "Morning Laura. Did you sleep well?" She sighs at me.  I know she doesn't get the best sleep when Clint isn't here.  She loves the man so much and only wants him near her.  I get it.  Her brother, my father, was the same with my mom.  I would love to find a love like that. 

Knowing what I know about this world I doubt I ever would. Nor do I think I want to bring children into this mess. I see Nathaniel already sitting in his high chair as Lila and Cooper sleepily come into the dining area taking their seats.  I plant a quick kiss on Nathaniel's head and help Laura serve up the children before we too take our seats. "I spoke with your father today,"

she addresses the kids, but I know she's also speaking to me.  In all matter of speaking Clint and Laura have become my parents. "Him and Nat are coming to stay for a few days." She turns to me, "Apparently Nat has something she wants to discuss with you, with us." Her eyes grow distant.  I'm usually pretty good at reading people's emotions, but I can't figure out Laura.

"Is everything ok?" Lila asks her mom as she takes a bite of her bacon.   "Yes, and let's enjoy the few days that we have with them." We eat mostly in silent, making very small talk before cleaning up. "Charlie you mind taking the kids to school?" She asks me this every school day.  And everyday it's the same answer. "Of course I will.  You two go

get ready, meet you at the door in ten." __________________________________________________________________ Once I return back to the homestead Laura meets me at the door. "So you should know Nat and Clint will be arriving shortly.  They didn't want to talk with you while Lila and Cooper were here."

"Laur, is everything ok? Why all this secrecy?" "You do know we're talking about a former spy? And current Avengers? Everything is a secret." She turns to look back in the house. "But do you know what this conversation is about?" I look over her face trying to gather anything from it.

"Yes." She looks out into the field before heading inside.  I turn to see where she was looking before seeing a Quinjet land.  Overcome with excitement of seeing two of my favorite people for the first time in two months I run over towards the Quinjet. "How's my favorite marksman?" Nat asks while flicking a smile towards Clint. He just smiles and shakes his head.

"Ahh could be better.  It can be quite draining shooting at a target that isn't moving." "I believe I would prefer that." Clint walks off the Quinjet wrapping me in a hug, picking my feet off the ground for the embrace, before placing me down. "She inside?" "Yes, and acting very secretive. Want to tell me what that's all about?"

"Not my gig, that's all Nat." He waves back at us before running to the house.  Neither of us dispute his quick departure.  Of course he wants to have some alone time with Laura. I turn and look at Nat and she's smiling at me. "So you going to tell me about this secret that I now have had both Barton's refuse to answer me?"

"In time, first let's spar a bit?" Nat cocks her head with a sly grin. "Nat, you know what I'm capable of." "And you know you haven't had a partner in a couple of months.  You might have got rusty." I let out a groan before attempting to kick her legs out from under her. Nat is not easily

taken by surprise, so she just jumps over my leg before jumping over my crouched body making me have to spin around to face her.  We both spend time throwing punches at one another, and blocking every one. Because Nat has trained me I know her tricks and she knows mine.  Five minutes later and neither one of us getting the upper hand she laughs and throws out her hand for a truce.  I grab it, and just stare at

her still waiting on this secret conversation. "Were you being serious about becoming bored here?" She asks me. "That's harsh isn't it?  I love it here, Laura is amazing, the kids are great, but I would be lying if I didn't say that this life is monotonous.  But if I'm being honest I doubt you and Clint spent so much time training me

for this to be my only life, did you?" "I doubt Clint had what I'm going to ask you in mind.  I think it was more to keep you safe, and hopefully the rest of the Barton's." "You're still not getting to the point." I narrow my eyes at her, urging Nat to get to the point. "Well Tony has been wanting to

bring in some new blood into the team.  I might have shown him a video of you training.  He approves, so does Steve.  They both want to meet you.  You could be an asset to us." "Tony Stark AND Steve Rogers want to meet me? Wait, what does Clint think?" "He isn't thrilled, but thinks you're ready for this life.  Laura if you can imagine is

heartbroken.  She doesn't want to lose you too." "And what do you think?" "Without a doubt you're already in.  I wouldn't have put myself on the line by showing them if I thought you weren't.  They're excited that you don't have too much of a dark past.  You grew up normal.  Until..." "Yes, both my parents died.  In a

normal car crash.  You and Clint made sure everything was normal.  Right?" "Right.  Neither of us have a reason to lie to you.  But still you lost your parents." "Six years ago.  I miss them.  But with everything going on, I think they got the better end of the deal.  This world has got weird."

"You have no idea." She smirks.  "So that's it then? You're onboard?" "Most definitely.  You guys trained me to be a help.  Now I repay you by actually helping." The next few days go by too fast.  I didn't realize how it would effect me to leave my family.  The past six years while yes monotonous was safe.  How does Clint do this every time. 

Look at his wife and kids and say goodbye.  It's because he knows there isn't another him.  He has to, to keep them safe.  Now it's my turn.  I don't know what I'm getting into.  But I know it is what I have to do.

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