Man Out of Time - Chapter 2: The Avengers
Man Out of Time - Chapter 2: The Avengers marvel stories

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Man Out of Time - Chapter 2: The Avengers

This is my first time actually being in the Quinjet. I can't deny I have dreamed about actually flying in one. Obviously, I've seen my fair share of them, from the outside. My anxiety is on high alert, not from the flying, but from the impending meeting of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. What do I even call them? Tony? Stark? Mr. Stark? Cap? Rogers? Nat looks back at me and sees my discomfort.

"Care to tell us what you're thinking about?" "What do I even call them?" "Them?" Nat asks with a chuckle. "Yeah, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Well, any of them. Who all is going to be there? I don't doubt myself, but these...they're like a big deal." Clint let's out a rolling laugh.

"How about you call them Tony and Steve? And last I checked they all have names, so call them by their names. I have never seen you act so nervous." "I don't get out much." I answer with a huff. "And as far as everyone there, you can never tell. But when we left there was Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, and I think that's everyone."

That didn't help my anxiety, that's everyone. "So, who's not there?" "Thor, Loki, and I believe Tony is talking with a kid from Queens, he's not there." Nat notices how overwhelmed I am and offers a smile. "You're fine. If we didn't think you could handle this, do you really think either of us would be bringing you to the compound?" Of course, they wouldn't. Both Clint and Nat are respected on

the team. I just smile back and nod my head before looking up at the roof of the jet and trying to steady my breathing. Before I know it, we're slowly landing. As the back opens up to the Quinjet I notice Tony and Steve walking towards us. Holy shit, that's them. I'm nervous of Tony because I have the utmost respect for his genius, Steve on the other hand, I have always had a crush on him. I'm pretty sure both Nat and Clint have

picked up on it through the years because I always make a point to bring Avengers conversation to Steve. And seeing him live and in person makes me realize how attractive I actually find him and I recoil back a bit. Nat leans over and whispers, "Don't worry he's terrible at picking up cues on women finding him attractive." I turn my head to look at her with big eyes. Clint laughs and says, "Yeah we've known about that crush for a

few years now. Secret is safe with us." Nat has a devilish grin and answers, "For now." Not good. When Nat has made her mind up about something, she always follows through. When they reach us Tony and Steve both nod to Clint and Nat and Steve reaches his hand out to mine and I hesitate a second too long causing Nat to elbow me in the ribs before taking his strong hands in my now clammy hands. Spaz. "Nice to

finally meet you, Charlotte. I'm Steve, this is Tony. These two have told us quite a bit about you." "It's Charlie. People only call me Charlotte when I'm being punished." Clint chokes out a cough and Tony tilts his head and smirks. Like Nat promised Steve is oblivious to my slip up. "Sorry. I'll call you Charlie. Come on we'll show you around." Steve motions me to follow

"Actually, Tony had some things he wanted to run by me and Clint, so you're on your own Steve." I glare at Nat. Since I turned eighteen Nat is always trying to push me to date some guy or other, but this is Steve Rogers, Captain America. And she's already trying to weave her way to push this. Nat winks at me before pulling Clint by the arm and walking up towards a confused Tony. "Ok. Well, let me grab your bag and we'll start by going to your room and dropping that off." Steve Rogers wants to get my bag? What life is this.

"Oh, it's not much, I can get it. You just lead the way." "No, I insist. What type of gentleman would I be if I didn't carry your bag?" He smiles at me before brushing up against my arm to get the bag. "So, Nat says you're not only highly trained with hand-to-hand combat, but a marksman like Clint as well." "I mean I'm not as good as Clint, yet, but he did train me. Nat

has helped with my hand to hand. Although I don't favor the bow as much as him. I'm still fully capable." "What's your preference then?" "Knives. Sometimes guns, thanks to Nat. I think Clint is a bit bitter that I don't favor the bow." I gulp. "Any other surprises?" "Umm, I sometimes have the

ability to read people. Laura calls it an empath. It doesn't always work the way I want and I can get distracted during a fight, so it's not a go too." "Was farm life not working out for you anymore?" He asks his stare lingering at me a second too long. "It just seemed like a waste really. I miss my family, but they're the best reason to do this. Sometimes people, like

you, you don't get to have a normal life with a spouse or children. But you fight for people to have normal. I know this life isn't going to be easy. I've seen the other side, what gets left behind. But if I can do this and Clint can retire and live a normal life with Laura and the kids I will. I have no one." That came out a bit more angsty than I meant and started to change my words. "No, I get it. You know you

have the Barton's, and now you have us. But you're referring to a family of your own." There's a sadness to his eyes. "Did you ever want that life?" "Of course. I'm a man out of time so that was the norm. Men now look at things a bit differently." I chuckle, "Yeah they just want a one-night thing and move on." Did I just say that to Steve

Rogers? "I'm sorry that was..." "True. No need to apologize. I'm not like the men of today." "No, you're not." I sigh. Steve smirks at me. "Here's your room. You can look around a bit, but I'd like to continue showing you around. And continue our conversation." He places my bag on my bed, and I roam around the room looking

round the room looking around. "So, what about you?" I turn my attention to Steve. "I mean have you ever wanted normal?" "I thought about it. Honestly it kind of scares me to think of that type of love." Steve stares at me wanting me to elaborate. "You know the type of love where that's it. I feel pain for Laura and Clint. I know why he does this, but I know it hurts him to leave his family. And Laura is always worried...

worried he'll never come home. He lives his life wanting to get back to them. He keeps the world safe for them. That's big emotions to think about ya know?" "True, but some things, well people are worth the sacrifice. Do you think he regrets it? Or regrets bringing you into this life?" "No, I don't think he regrets making this world better for

them, and I think him and Nat both saw a potential. I was a broken sixteen-year-old when I lost my parents and moved in with my aunt and uncle. The training was a way to work through my hurt and pain, and then he saw my anger being put into something useful, and I was a natural. I don't think he saw this happening." "This?" "Standing here with Steve

Rogers in the Avengers compound and going to fight side by side with him and the other Avengers." "I guess someone has to do it right?" "Very true, so might as well be us that do it." I pause, eyes wide. What did I just say?? "Umm, sorry that didn't come out the way I had intended." Steve lets out a belly laugh. "No, it didn't but I understood."

"And here Nat thought you didn't always understand innuendos." He leads the way out of the bedroom. "You and Nat talk about me?" He smiles down at me and I can't help but smile back up at him. "Well, I was a bit nervous coming here. So, she gave me a few pointers on each of you." "And mine was I don't

understand innuendos. I may be old, but I'm not dumb." "I never said that Steve, I just..." I honestly don't know how to respond. I want to make a good, no, the best impression on Steve. "I just, I'm a bit nervous around you...I mean, all of you." He smiles and nods, continuing to walk into an elevator. "Up until now you didn't seem to be nervous around me."

"I meant you guys, all the Avengers. Not just you specifically." "But you and Nat can talk about me, how I'm not good at understanding innuendos. What brought that up." His smile hasn't faltered. Is he flirting with me? "Well Steve, you have been in my room. We're doing things a bit backwards, so if you want all my secrets, you'll have to buy me a drink first."

"That can be arranged." He winks and I immediately look down at the elevator floor. I feel my cheeks heat up and looking at my feet seems like the obvious placement for my eyes, hoping Steve won't notice. He walks closer to me and reaches towards my chin to bring my face to look at him. "Now I see the nervousness." I am completely frozen. He is close enough for me to smell him. Nothing overpowering. Just clean. Like soap and fresh

laundry. Before either of us can respond the doors open and Clint, Nat, and Tony are standing on the other side. Steve's hand quickly falls and he steps away. "Where are you two heading?" Nat says looking between us. I honestly am not sure myself. I've just blindly been following Steve. "The lab, thought she might like to meet Bruce, and then the

training room, kitchen, and hopefully spot some more of the team on the way." Steve answers quite quickly. " what was that?" Clint smiles biting at his lip, pointing between the two of us. He can still see my flustered face from Steve being so close to me. I don't like that him and Nat know about my crush for the man. This cannot be a good thing.

"What?" I try and fail to act like I have no idea what he was referring to. "You and Capsicle. We're standing here watching you two staring at one another his hand on your face before he backs off quickly." Tony can't hide the amusement in his eyes with my discomfort. They all three clearly saw us. There really is no other excuse than the truth. So, I just chose to bounce my eyes between everyone,

and always lingering on Steve. "See!! You can't help but look at him." My cheeks immediately flush deeper, and I look towards Nat for some help. She's enjoying this too much to offer any help. "It's nothing Tony. You don't always have to make a big deal out everything." Steve grabs my hand and we head out of the elevator. Once he realizes I'm following him he drops my hand. Trying not to further the

growing embarrassment. As I walk past Nat, she smiles at me feeling proud of herself. "Sorry they can be a bit much with new people." Steve continues walking, I'm assuming towards the lab to find Bruce. "I'm only new to Tony. Clint and Nat just like torturing me." He stops his stride and looks at me.

"What do you mean torture you?" He has an animated smile on his face. "They think I've been single for too long, so want me to go on a date with any man that has a pulse." I have no desire to tell Steve the truth. He chuckles. "She does the same thing with me. Always wanting me to ask some girl out."

"And you don't want to date?" Now I need information. I'm not great about getting it out of people like Nat, but this should be easy. "Do you not want to date?" "Answering a question with a question?" I tilt my head up at him. He just shrugs and smiles down at me. I'm going to have to be the one to answer. "Just haven't found anyone worth dating. Even though they both

have suggested several." He nods and continues to walk silently. Now that's not right. He didn't even respond, so I noisily clear my throat, causing Steve to stifle a laugh under his breath before turning to look at me for a quick glance. "Why are you so curious about whether I want to date or not?" He continues looking ahead with his long strides.

"Just carrying on a conversation with you Captain." I let out a yawn trying to fake boredom which gets another giggle out of him. And almost too soon I notice the doors to the lab. I'm just guessing he will not answer the question. I'll let it slide for now, but I will be bringing it up later. "Ahh, here we are." He smiles down at me. He knows I'm annoyed at his avoidance of the

question, despite me answering. He leads the way through the maze of computers and equipment before spotting Bruce. "Hey Bruce, thought you might like to meet our new recruit, Charlie." Bruce walks over towards us reaching his hand out, "You're Clint's niece, right?" I nod my head smiling. "Nat and Clint have told me a lot about you. She's very fond of you." I smile at Bruce, knowing how fond Nat is of him.

"She's been like a sister to me, since I'm an only child. What are you doing in here." "Well, I was working with Tony, Nat, and Clint designing you a suit. Also, they feel you may have something more than combat abilities." I look at him, this is news to me. "Your aunt Laura has always said you were an empath, right?" I nod my head. "Nat believes that you may have the ability to actually feel emotions from others."

"I don't think that I can do that. I mean I've been able to read people well when I focus on them or have a, I guess connection to them." "Maybe Wanda could help you out a bit with that. Nat is pretty sure about this, and she's not usually wrong." I laugh at him. "No, she's not." "Thor and Loki are supposed to be visiting, they're wanting to meet you Charlie." This is

exciting, meeting real gods! "Well, we should get going, got to show this one around the compound." Steve answers. "Nice to meet you, Bruce." He nods back at me and walks over to where he was to continue working. "I'm going to have to either have a map or a personal tour guide for a while, this place is huge." I look over to Steve as we're walking back down the

hall and to the elevator. He pushes the button to go back up. "Where to next Rogers." "The training room." He answers while walking into the elevator. "You'll probably spend a lot of time there. And I can get you a map, but my room is just down the hall and we have F.R.I.D.A.Y and she can contact me if ever you get lost." "Or I could just ask Nat." I cheekily grin over him. He

momentarily looks at me before looking down and smiling. "Yeah, you might get a date if you spend time with her." "Yeah, I guess I could. Only if I like her choices. I am the one with the power of deciding who I will or will not date." I use my elbow to push at his arm. Before he can respond the doors open and we're walking

down another hall silently.  There's a lingering comfort between us.  Before we even reach the training room, I can hear the commotion coming from there.  I'm assuming this is where the rest of the team has been.  Steve confidently walks through the double doors to a huge room.  The floors are padded and there's several stations geared to a different sort of training.  Weights, bikes, and treadmills in one area. A ring and boxing bags in

another. Rope's course, a track around the room, several areas I'm assuming for sparring, a wall of all kinds of weaponry, a pool and locker rooms in the back. They're making sure they're in tip top shape for missions. As they should. They're usually life or death missions, and sometimes missions that can save humanity. Off in the distance I can see Wanda using her magic against Sam as they're sparring.

Steve walks closer to them before we stop. He looks over at me, but I don't pay him any mind. My eyes are on the two Avengers. Even though they are currently against each other I can also see how they've worked enough together that everything is just smooth. Almost like they're in sync with one another. Steve turns his head back to Wanda and Sam. It doesn't take long before Sam notices us standing over there and flicks his head over at us to

Wanda. She turns around and smiles before using her magic and knocking Sam to side and then walking towards us. "Enjoying the show?" Sam shouts over to us, pulling himself up off the mat. "Enjoying Wanda kicking your ass." I yell back. "Oh, sweetheart it was only because you were so damn distracting."

"What can I say Wilson, always making everyone do double takes. Can't help it." Sam laughs, "Well maybe we can have a more private double take at another time." He winks. "Gee thanks, but I'm trying to stay away from boys currently." "Good thing I'm a man." I look around them room a minute and then back at Sam, "Oh I'm

sorry I didn't find any man around besides Rogers and he doesn't date." "Yeah, he's an old man, can't keep up with the times today." He smiles over at me and reaches his hand out to mine to shake. "Obviously you know us, and we have heard about you from Clint and Nat, but it's nice to put a face and...body" He looks me up and down, "with a name."

Steve clears his throat. "Sam is a flirt, but it's typically just harmless." "Nothing wrong with a little flirting Rogers, keeps you on your toes. Wanda it's nice to meet you. Bruce was telling me about you may be able to help me with my possibly empath powers." "Of course! It's nice to have another female here too." She has a warm smile.

"And hopefully a single one." Sam raises his eyebrows at me. "Single unless Nat can find me a date I'll actually say yes too." "She on you too about needing to get out more?" "I lived on a secluded farm for six years, I didn't get out much. Just a little rusty." "Ahh Cap there's someone here that's just like you." Sam winks

over at Steve and Steve rolls his eyes back. I can tell that these two are close, and Wanda I can sense has a warmth towards both of them. She wants to protect them, even though they clearly can take care of themselves. "So, what's the story on Barnes, Cap? Anything new?" Sam turns his attention to Steve. A sadness flashes across Steve's face.

"Nothing new. It's like he's literally turned into a ghost." I turn to look at him. I have no idea who Barnes is, so my curiosity is peaked. "He's an old friend, from when I was a young boy." I nod my head understanding he means really old, another man out of time. "Long story short, Hydra was able to brainwash him and used him to become the deadliest assassin. They were able to keep him in cryo to keep him young. He was able to get away

the last we met. I do believe he was in his right mind, as much as he could be, and he's been a ghost ever since." "You're talking about the Winter Soldier, right?" Steve nods his head, sadness flashing in his eyes. "Clint talked to me about him. So you think he's on the run, from you and Hydra?" "I think he's trying to figure himself out."

"Well, what can we do to find him?" I look at Steve. I've now decided I would follow Steve just about anywhere. It's not just a crush. It's the fact that I trust him, fully. He means well, and I want to help him. "We've been working on it." "When you do, count me in." Steve smiles down at me. "I like her.  Looks like we got us a team." Sam elbows me.  "Since

we got you, I guess that means we get Clint and Nat too." Clint maybe, Nat doesn't always take my side, or Clint's for that matter. Clint will go wherever I go to make sure I stay out of trouble. Steve gets a message on his phone that he quickly looks at before responding, "Come on we should go, Tony is wanting to throw a party since Thor and Loki are coming to meet you, Charlie."

"Ooh a party just for me. Maybe I can find me a date." I turn to follow Steve out of the training room before Sam calls out, "I'll meet you out on the dance for then."

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