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6 Slides about George Beall

by georgebeall

I grew up in Redlands, CA.

Growing up here was interesting because I am a fifth-generation Redlander.

In my spare time I am working on startups.

My proudest moment was when

Everipedia.com got to million monthly views.

I want to die knowing I made the world a better place

I want this because I want nothing more than be half as impactful as my great grandfather. No one knows who he is and yet he is credited with allowing long distance flight.

Now, I am a founder of Everipedia and a student at Wharton.

I help curate and generate content for the site and try to pass my classes on the side.

I'm looking forward to the Palm Springs film festival.

I'm excited about this because I LOVE movies and want nothing more than to take two weeks and just watch every movie in the film festival one year.

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