Wall-less room

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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Fumbling with her breath Captured thoughts evoparate from

Wall-less room

Fumbling with her breath

Captured thoughts evoparate from

Her brain gauching out sight away from

Her sockets. Dark voicesless feelings

Panicked freeze beneath her skin.

Numbness streams in the flow of

Oxygen hanging from her bored lungs.

Nothing conspires against the quiet

Of her solitude, trapped within the

Shapeless space, a child, a former

Consciousness bang in the wall-less

Room of willing prison hood.

Her existence is a questionble

Jewel in her brutally soft hands: is she real?

She can't feel, think, understand

Nor cherish human abilities like the

Rest. Static voids consist her spirit

Boxed in a black dust-less production

Of the brain. Her soul floats in a

Non pragmatic liquid invisioned, invented

Or felt. As she caresses her scars

Phanthom thoughts come to her mind:

'Nobody ever died from a numb soul

So I'm OK'

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