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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Hateful as they come, bullies have their own issues for carving them so despicable. Would that be enough thought to make them less hateful?

Venom in her lungs

Born fickle in hate's chambers you could foretaste how fragile your worth would be in front of your family.

Glee spreading across your swollen face made you hate the peace others had compared to yours.

Why do they have to be happy and not you? Misery fights for company.

Immaturity in haste, you picked a subject to cherish, ruin everyone's life so they could feel like you.

A kerfuffle of pent sorrow smacked with aggression whoever dared to defy you. You knew you were lustreless yet weaklings were your property.

She ostracised attachment from her cells, venom in her lungs sprinkled every poor soul that came across her ferocious pain.

A bully, a pain to deal with, she was a shadow in her life, no more than an ant hating out of desperation for love.

You had the sagacity to see the hurt you caused but you went to that path knowing you'll be burned in everyone's memory.

How could you have known, right?

You were convinced your life was untrodden, you were tinged ever more in the limelight of the 'bad'.

You're doomed honey

Because it was your choice to grow adultless.

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