Unzipped Genes

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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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'She' is a piece inside of us, free and yet chained to our bodies, she wants to live beyond us but what's further than human tendencies and desires? Mocking planets maybe... 👀😶

Unzipped Genes

Galaxy's shaded Orbs spin around her Earth flowing head Mesmerised at the Naked Vulnerability a Skin deep Human body Holds to the hard Core melting Stars she softens.

A Toast Pours shots Of bubbles to the Lukewarm room Of her Body, wearing heels To step to the clear.

A tangled Wire Loops Around Her pinchy Fork Connecting The body to The rest of her beating Thoughts, she Has to know what she is Eating, her existence or the one She was created from.

A tea of Swimming Fools waits Inaudibly to the Words of science's House play. What Really is part of her Assets and What is the thought Of it, she wonders.

A blood Bath Is the Drunk Blow on Her Head The one She created To feed her Beliefs with The holiness Of a faith She can't create yet Praise.

Million ideas Swirl the Sky's fluent Debates Tearing oceans To pieces and Tornados welcoming The ground with proud fury For the passion that skins Of different wavelengths do to set Borders to wind's circulation.

She doesn't care To learn the Pain of knowing Too much, unzipped Genes just want Their fruitful flowers Soar the clouds With the motion Of a sensual valse one Where she is free to choose her gender get undressed.

Planets will fail to see The point Of her tendencies And mock her fight over What's so important About her creacking dillemas Cause she can't tell What her periodic Body will decide To do with it's Matter once the Stars in her spark away A new life or death.

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