Train seat

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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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It's hard to tell to tell where we are headed and even more where we will stop.

Train seat

Passing fences with my breath

Exhaustion comes and goes as I

Strap my feet to the fleeting ground

Perishing out of control. Upset I can't

Be for time doen't hold grudges nor

Questions my existence. Seated in

The abolished route I see, fall in my

Vision and tangle in everyone's momentum

Without being of any importance to

Their long journey. Headed for a

Blinder in light's misleading pulse

I pause. What am I doing? I'm just a passager in Survival's rotation. I can't expect

To fail with success, a train seat standing

Cold in the window of my perception can't

Chose happiness without me knowing

What it means. Embarking inside the dark

Highlighted my worries seem to drown me

On my seat. I'm scared, panicked for whatever

I'll have to unfoil, doubting my choices and the

Ending of this universal train. Can I alone change it's course, where are we headed again?

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