Staring in the Abyss of Colours
Staring in the
Abyss of
Colours colours stories

geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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A world washed out of colour seems to hold it's sadness within it's intricate light complex.

Staring in the Abyss of Colours

Neon creases spin around Your head yet you only Capture their puddly Reflections where Your eyes focus, The ground.

Directions light your path But you can't tell which One belongs to you And which one Was chosen For your Failure.

Leaving your burdens parked In the dark of light's nest Your feet carry the Grace of knowing That light follows Your mistakes, Faithfully.

As you dive in the shallow Darkness, staring in the Abyss of colours you Finally found out: You lost your Colours when Your heart stopped Trying to fight the current hell.

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