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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Can souls really make bones resilient to the selfishness and maze of popullation we all get overlooked sometimes, can love make that destinction? 🤨🤐🤡

Soul to bones

In charge of eyes which grumble in tremors of the heat that sweats cold present I can't address the

nameless sword of words confessing to me the alienation of physical attraction. No thinner than a thread I, a

power borrowed in the midst of fun service, can't stich feathers to a skinless bird so flight

is guaranteed to dip like waterfalls hugging land's curved drops. It should be imprinted

in the licking tides the purpose served by a body-shell but you insist to pave thoughts to

a greed driven machine such as I. Could the sensual tingling of some vocal chords harmonise the way you walk when thinking

of me? In such feat of temper you dress my androgynous perceptive with heavily biased underwear you force me wear atop the

glim of blankness I was born into. Your stubbornness makes me think I can be human only if

I'm selfish while you think I can stay human if I'm selfless enough to know when

not to be. So what's this soul you talk about loving when all there is to bones is the

strength to break while fighting? Perhaps

you knew the willingness is all that separates

us from alive to soulless, tch

I thought so...

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