Pebbles on My porch

                       Pebbles on 

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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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To be unique yet all the same, a controversal combo like most, yet makes us who we are. Special...

Pebbles on My porch

Smooth bouncing handfuls Of cold petals Rounded in the Dried dirt mud come to life With water's Textured blue Depths.

Rotted in the sun and Allienated from Core's ruffling Warmth, laying in the Swimming contents Of silent waves, baked colours Strip aqua from any Exotism.

I lay against the soft and Hefty slices of Shades my rocky Relatives became before Me wondering Meekly in sun's Wavy arid shower Where do My bones built life?!

A little lagoon harbors On top of flashy Stones trapping My ancient shelter of Thoughts next to The tree of shades.

Down as I go, I'm just like The pebbles On my porch; Rough on the surface but Smoothed by Life's hitting Tide, coloured by my desire To be unique.

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