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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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It's a great morning to wake up to or sleep to perhaps, whivever choice both seem to drive us no where near out of our heads 🙄😢

Oatmeal feasts

A morning riot tracks the pavement with

Pedestrians, you guessed it, another day

Spins around itself; with me hanging on it's

Tail. Pyjamas stick loosely to my slothish

Moving body, dragging my eyes to the awake

Chirping of chores and fanthom love scenarios

I might schedule for later. Coffee is all have to

Drown myself for the moment, bathing with

It's dark senses it has to hit me right in the spine. I need to wake up...

Hair combed in branches and features barely

Tagging along on my blank face remind me

Of the lonely pillows on THAT side of the bed, The one that used to dip slightly in warmth

And lazy feathery kisses. No longer a compass

Of my awake side, my nights could beg to differ

If they were to be heard that is.

Dripping on my cup, sweetless oatmeal feasts

On my stroking hand, back and fourth, mask on and face down all I carry outside of me. I got

To go to work or work comes to me, in other

Ways, I have to live without the scent of a

Heartbeat to quiet down the ranting judgment

Of my own head to the rest of my body. It's OK,

It can't be different I've been told. I'll survive, half at that but what can I do, no clock waits for the heart to mend before ticking again. It's a bother really, loving without love.

Where did I

Leave my feelings again?!

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