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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Is meltdown the twisted version of rebirth or brain's way of suicide?


Fisting my words into an allusion

Complex thoughts grab my chest

Fumbling gravity with my stress

Cannibal feelings that need preclusion

Strapped into the roller of disillusion

My mouth has come to a conclusion

How can my calloused eyes see if wall shields stands in the way?

Tethered clothes rack my woobling hands to comply and release my clawed fury in the armchair I sit on. Arms grab my solidified face and waggle my ego in the corner of autopsy.

'You are not your madness'

it susurrates into my eyes tearing my face into zillion pieces of melted screams. A breathy cry judders the frames of my body boiling down to my bones.

Why is now day's society so cruel

to my failure?

Just because my route is coarse-grained doesn't mean it's unhinged.

Faltered by the treetop's shadow I strutted below the radar of judgment and plunged into my bed in hope's to cough away my meltdown.

Eyes lay slowly in the archbow of sleep, another shy death will sooth his aching consciousness.

Sle(i)p away...

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