Infinitely Ordinary

         Infinitely               Ordinary ordinary stories

geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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The ordinary human living within our uniqueness.

Infinitely Ordinary

The doors of clarity linger on your path, tantalising forests of deception to collide.

Yet, you only hang out in the trees of comfort your cat habits Foster in their starry skies.

The end is near, shading it's sunset complexion for dark cloudy grass mounting high in the atmosphere 's layered bed.

Misty trees are blocking your point of view and shattering your hopes for camouflage.

Whales are piercing the sky trembling your uninterested attitude. Gravity no longer keeps your imagination grounded.

Teapots of melted scars aesthetically decorate your infinitely ordinary personality.

"You're as ordinary as Heides blowing smoke from his head.

P. S: This makes no sense but I enjoyed writing different schemes for reach picture ;)

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