In scrapped paint (part 7)

           In scrapped paint (part 7) hungry stories

geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Here goes part 7, I think I'm almost done but who knows 😏✌️🍽️🥞

In scrapped paint (part 7)

Kicking feet charge a sprint molesting tendons in the twisted way of

walking, a limping gesture frets in a scrunched puppy whine to fall back and smoothen aggression

but her abrasive tone couldn't view any point of mercy as she irked her complaining

daggers: ' Useless piece of blood bag, ready

to rob food from the carrers that sweated

so much time and effort to make you look anything but yourself.

Why you brazen boney twig decided to

disobey my autonomy when you know I

would hear even the most timid fly strut by me.'

Blinking heated droplets of snowflakes, the tattered leg pulses ache, the left eye can

barely grip light and the right elbow grabbed

in her claws feels ready to jerk and heart tugging in the hungry tummy thinks this may

be an early end.

Released by the spidery tentacles her

huffing dress brushes a scoff: 'Since I'm not

as evil as the spawn of the best murderer

I'll lend the pleasure of food made three days ago with a bread of a week maturity so you

can learn to fortify that sickly form of your constitution for the prophecy to shape it's

cuffs around you'.

Magic words pierced in stone stumble lazely

in the open: 'Ye... s MaDam...' and pat the air

to the obvious need for the kid's extinction

for the present moment as she would refer: "Discard thus voice from your plushy garnishing lips"

so the only option was the cabinet of a room to wait until dinner served it's last glory.

Anchoring shots of thuds on the creaked floor the eyes stare at an

imaginary clock ticking away laced boredom with desperation and when time

shoots it's arrow, the table holds a different hope this evening.


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