In scrapped paint (part 6)

              In scrapped paint (part 6) horror stories
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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Part six is hot and ready to blow some steam. I think we're halfway there 😏🔥🖤

In scrapped paint (part 6)

Palettes flashing the barricaded sky

climb the horizon and strip dark from the clarity day offers, as steps fold footprints

to the mossy trail of storms to provail the mind for mania to spill, flowers shadow the bloodlust

orchestrated from the constant terror of pathetically carved fear no longer begging to curve ball the body.

Struting to the lion's den seems like a soldier

fit of miles to tire the steps to follow and

cling the heart to it's ribcage suffocating

what little breath smoke sheds and there

it comes.

Left to right, side to cliff, vision grazes the glitching castle and stumbles a look to the

front portal, thumping chest pests with

fearful excitement an expression easy to

slap away in suspicion but patience has to

drive the torch of momentum to it's determined slot.

Entrance behind, the dark feasts more intimidation than the far screeching voices,

the notification smiting the usual: 'Food

on the table at 8pm sharp, no one approach

the kitchen any second earlier or the sharp clock tick will be physically felt not only visually'.

Warnings like that couldn't scare the anger,

it shouldn't falter the notion of freedom, climbing rocks for stairs, changing in the

room to the flat line robe steps try the

hardest to float above the creaky wooden

floor and drop the spice into the

ornamental meal.

Slow as drip reaches the pot, tracks hope

to retreat when snake eyes catch a whiff

of that swaying robe and an early

punishment jinxes the right cheek.

*Slap, kick*

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