How easily... ?!
How easily...    ?!  turnip stories

geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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It's so cold when the fire goes out and cold just sips every source of warmth...

How easily... ?!

How easily can warmth fade?!

Twisted yarn pinned in the hair of time sticks you to the barricades, those full of powder.

Only yesterday I was held hostage by your elastic hug washing cabinets of loneliness with our blistered laughter.

How easily can warmth vanish?!

Plastic flowers smell the poison of hospital drawers plucking my guts out of conscious,

your terrified eyes seated deep in my melting bed huff a heartbeat of screams rattling my ears with your sorrow.

How easily can warmth disperse?!

I can hear the richosheting maunder, the heavy weight of your turnip tears dragging you across the bottom of each falling knife. It's killing you

Helping my sick lungs to weep my last breath.

How easily can warmth leave life!?

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