Flannel chord (part 3)

             Flannel chord (part 3)
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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Introductions aren't always pleasant but what are they when you know someone from within but not outside? The 3rd part begs to understand this question 🙋‍♀️🌀🤯👁️👄👁️

Flannel chord (part 3)

Days began to flap two fingers at me and nights prolonged to lullaby me sleep simply because

her words started swaying the air I swallowed while thinking about unordinary phenomena

but I'm sure it wasn't just anger but absolute loss for words that had stabbed me.

Ignorance is bliss so I sticked to whatever has the short end,

I never talked to her and neither did she but I could feel her gaze every so often in places no one could phantom or

I was just paranoid that I could hear her meekly voice whisper some hard philosophy over my shoulder.

Either way, she was always alone but strangely graceful about it,

you couldn't call it uncomfortable and that applied to me too; she didn't seem the

slightest touched that a guy like me would associate with her but you know what,

for some mad reason she felt like a mini heaven, peacefully wise and unbothering to not even dried leaves.

I found myself singing lyrics I didn't know the songs of and meeting her was always a

secret, unapproved, detached, unusual but she didn't look fazed at all,

I knew better though than to say she was heartless but rather heart-caged?!

It started every once in while then two days a week then only three weeks in I started

meeting her every day after class, just standing beside each other,looking over the sunset hues

shifting while melodies uncharted layed the mind to it's field of meditation without ever exchanging more than a 'hi', never a goodbye.

She was there, religiously filtering days out like cleaning dirty water but that one Friday

she wasn't there, might I say I panicked, maybe but I knew I felt a pinch in my heart for real.

Why wasn't she there, thoughts swirled on my face and I felt helpless at what to do

to pass time but maybe I was just worried, couldn't admit.

I wanted to ask but I realised, we weren't on the same class, we never spoke to each other in the music class

and we never introduced ourselves, I didn't know her name and I couldn't ask around regardless.

Needless to say I had poor sleep and less interest to go back to hell studying but then I

saw her in the music room tuning her voices to words so intimate, I think I blushed:

'Touch prison out of your hands for when feet wait to cradle me on their lap I'll fuel your neck

heartbeats from my breath so you can see red again' I knew exactly what

she meant but it came off as a surprise hearing her soothingly tail such provocative pronouns.

It's not like I was spying by any means but she surely knew I was close to the door and the moment our eyes connected she said vulgarily:

Did you miss me? I did!' but my voice got caught up again which made her understand.

She slowly approached me stretching her arm in my direction and plainly said: 'My name is Amorella,

nice to meet you' from which I did the same telling her: ' I'm Kenshin' and her reply was:

'So you're devotion' to which I was dumbfounded, what? 'Your name means devotion in my language' to which I replied with:

'And yours means "love her" in mine' only then did relief wash over my sweaty skin

and that's how our ritual started.

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