Flannel chord (part 1)

           Flannel chord (part 1)
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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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Low-key based on a real story, can't say though πŸ˜πŸ•ΈοΈπŸŒŠπŸŒ¦οΈ

Flannel chord (part 1)

I remember clearly, it was autumn sprinkle of leaves

that crunched when I stepped closer to that shambolic building of knowledge and

I couldn't concern myself with adult shatters but guess wrongdoings get paid royaly.

Symbolic crash of books took pieces of music to get eyes

patiently interested, halls were always busy thus attention was only paid to

the pretty corners of it where I usually

would focus too but not this time.

It was the music class, I got it out of boredom and frail desire to free my complaints about

teen torrents and uninterested as I was I only saw the fall when I crashed her lyrics

in splatters on the floor.

Was she angry, I could have asked, she didn't have the best reputation either way; so

cold and distant, basically a friend to shadows so when I randomly read : 'the pain plucks

it's pleasure from our love to care' I felt uncovered, offended even?!

Her eyes never flared acknowledgement

or anger so I skipped words but that instance beat my voice for real when that stupid

pencil case of mine got forgotten one day in

the music room and she was there, all alone whispering those same

words in the most soothing touch I've felt

shivering me speechless.

Awkwardly I enter the room, her gaze never fixed above my face but I could tell

she was looking, embarrassment cherry blossomed

in her face but the stoic poise she grimaced gently annoyed me.

It was days or weeks that flipped with no crinkling in between and I almost forgot

when I finally see the same realistic facade swaying softly in the terrace wind

accompanied by the sun shaded sky.

It was routine to filter my days in and out of groups so when her loneliness presented itself

I wanted to push her away from my vision telling myself that there's no place for borish

people like her here, which I was right until a little melody chirps in.

Had I heard the song before, I still wonder but there was something nipping at my senses

to behave at least human like so I said nothing and sat as further as I could

her eyes never gazed my way not until break was over, that's when I caught a glimpse of her words,

'you're drowning too, heh?', leaving me ruminate about what her tiny smirk wanted to

imply with those words.

What did she mean by it? Huh?!

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