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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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High-key lookism on it's dark form. 👨‍🎤
⚠️Caution advised while reading!⚠️
(it's not that scary lol 😂, unless...)

Inspired by one of my favourite webtoons :BAST****. 🙃

Duck tape

Seat of leather leeches to my oozing thigh, scrapes cover the length of my tattered

Dress, the light seems faint as it leathers

My eyes in huffs and fades always dipping

To the dirt smeared ground I don't

Recognise. My lips are sticky in the plush

Of their folds bitting the blood and anger

That prickles the side of my blotted eyes.

She tied me to her neck, now I can't breath

Through the ductape of my hinging voice

That dangles the air and screeches to my

Ears with her manic feat of a drumming

Laugh. Coughing my breaths out I can't

Smell the iron of my own wounds as she

Dives her hands on my slithering hair and pulls

The roots to my face, her bullets are

Impossible to duck as they sip into hands

With each echo haunting my nerves. She

Spits in disgust: 'Why should beautiful

People exist and cherish that?'

I'm the beautiful one here, avenging the

Broken ones like me that are called ugly

Compared to YOU. No discrimination should

Exist so I'm the knight of it's existence, I'm

Freedom. Learn your place and stop living!

I'm your surgeon and I will make you BeautIFuL.

The only thing I heard was a ductape ripping

Me out of pain, perhaps I'm saved but not

From trauma.

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