Cracks Of Sky
               Sky party stories

geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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The sky holds such huge value to our rising dreams, you look high expecting to see the brightness of your hopes to become true. Will we ever make it? 🔆😎🧐

Cracks Of Sky

Spilled coffee Stains the Cracks Of Sky You Can see On the pavement Leaving you to grow Your dreams in a more Barren place.

Thoughts Bottle Clouds In the insolent sky Convincing your eyes That trees Float and Clouds Grow. Your cup Feels unsatisfied As it's contents stay Untouched.

Climbing for The stars of your Imaginations Ladders on top of cubed Sky matrixes Still get you nowhere Close to Your bright visions, Instead Shadows cover your Trials.

Would it have been easier for You to trade your Mark for the Comfort of A paved road With cars Driving your Hardship out Of commission? Sky's party Still thunders upon you...

Sounds of Violated Cords Mimick Your Calm Huffing. Your ears No longer Hold the features Of your face. Dreams wither Like petals Swirling in the air .

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