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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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What good come by being a cactus? Is the thorny appeal or the patient strength it holds the real appeal? 🌵💪😂🤔

Cactus by nature

Palm licks lock lusciously the scrispy swirl

of sand vowing to dress the eyes of the

sun with the gold flowing raws on the

blue crystal petals of an ever drying ground that seems to snake in deep lows and peak highs beyond vision can mark it's landscape

on the map. In the perky fossilised beach

of crusty salt and wavy hills that pend

on diminishing with every breath of the

wind there's a peculiar treasure hidden

sunken below the cactus skin of an ichy

statue beholding the saliva of it's words shadowed by light. The outline is pointy, tending aggression as protection, spiky

contour disguises in the green of it's

neighbours standing tall inches of years

stacked like sand and tapping the sky with flowers reserved from judging heat waves. Inside a tunnel of channels connects the

only pit of water that hangs around in the sealed beauty of a savage, a cactus by

nature holds the patience to fight the

blowing of the weather and yet grow

beauty inside it's breathing leafs. Thorny

as it is the security of it's appeal makes it's beauty a metaphorical passage to life, the inside of it hons the delicacy to be strong

and move on.

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