Above my Undertones

Above my 
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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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'It was nice meeting you all, it's time I give up my act and wish you goodbye. See you in the next lifetime' 👋😶

Above my Undertones

Smoke screens Scream In my hands as My vision gets blurry. I'm trapped In a camera of Tears fighting the urge to Keep me quiet.

The night seems To invite my Sorrow Drinking In the binding Debris, I wither. Cheeky lights Pester me To fume.

Glass of petals rams In my mouth with sheer Frost, drinking all the Bruises I opened pearls Of hate glimmer on My tongue. I've Spent To much Time alive.

Unsettled Trains of delirium Tiptoe across my Thumping eyelids. Meek and tipsy Voices of my Memories Paralyze

Above my Undertones of Tired and shriveled skin, A pale gold lace licks My shivering anxiety. It's imprints says non Other than...

... You did well. Just, open the Door to your Next Life ...

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