Writing Prompt #2: "The Sun Fighters"
Writing Prompt #2:
"The Sun Fighters" diary stories

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Written by: @genevieve

© Genevieve Kubica

Writing Prompt #2: "The Sun Fighters"

Idea from @writingprompts :) "Write a diary entry dated 10 years in the future" Go follow them for more!

(9.21.2028) Dear Diary, Today is the day I get my Sunflair fighting wings which are the most prestigious award granted to cyborg dominant humans (i.e humans born from two humans each containing at least three cyborg traits).

Receiving this award is rare. It's analogous to about 1 in 2 million, I would have to guess.

This is HUGE for me! Basically, what being a Sunflair fighter is… well you can pretty much postulate from the name itself… we fight Sunflairs! Heck yaaasss!!

Its wicked cool and only the bravest of the brave can get through all the grueling training and testing and, from that valiant bunch, only a handful get their wings.

To get into the actual training is just like getting into college but way more intense. Its reminiscent of military school combined with college combined with shit you can never learn anywhere else. Like I said, only the fearless get in.

We’re all important but it’s the individuals with wings that have the adventure of a lifetime by traveling into space to the ACTUAL SUN ITSELF to fight off the energy that threatens to ruin earth. Essentially we're diminishing the negative radioactive effects (we will never eliminate them, of course - the Sun is too powerful a force to do so).

All the other fighters are kept stuck in a laboratory to calculate the coordinates for what quadrants of the Sun a particular Sunflair is located in.

Yeah, that’s it! That's all they get to do! Honestly, that’s so boring to me. I'm actually yawning right now thinking about it.

Now that I got my wings I never have to be stuck in the lab crunching numbers ever!

Here’s to hoping I don’t die my first day on the job (seeing as about 1 in 5 die within the first week). Yikes! oh my Sun I can't wait!!! :D

Written by: @genevieve © Genevieve Kubica

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