Unappreciated Love

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If you’re unappreciated, giving your all can only take you so far. You cannot force someone to love when they can’t even love themselves.

Written by: @genevieve
© Genevieve Kubica

Unappreciated Love

When most people told you what to do, I supported with encouragement to be you.

When most people made fun of your ideas and mind, I filled you up with compliments. I was kind

When most people took from you, I gave to you all of my adulation to make up for what others stole from your soul.

And yet....

Even though I gave you love after the wrongdoings of others, you still chose the hedonist path of pleasure and indulgent substance while I chose enlightenment of self and subjects.

After all I shared with you, you chose to use people and then discard while I chose to learn from others and grow through it.

You may still consider it taking advantage but I keep those people in my life in the hopes that I can provide them with something of my own uniqueness as repayment.

You should try it sometime.

Written by: @genevieve © Genevieve Kubica

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