frank files (vol. 1)
frank files (vol. 1) diary stories

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frank files (vol. 1)

Written by: @genevieve
© Genevieve Kubica

frank files (vol. 1)

My mind pains me in bitter emotion but my heart forgives easily

Even in knowing that you’re evil, I still miss you so fucking much

As you can see, my logic is nonexistent when involved with you

That’s probably how you got away unscathed with all the damage caused while I’m here floundering in failures

Tricking my chemical system into thinking I was safe

You don’t deserve to know this but I still cry over you even months later

I know you found me boring. I never figured out why since it’s clear I’m unlike everyone else our age

Certainly most would be concerned with how unusual I am. Take my family members, for instance

I see the confusion in their faces like I’m covered in imperfections and irregularities.

I think the fact that I was different scared you so you detached

Almost as if you saw that difference in yourself and couldn’t live up to it yet

So you threw me aside like you would a deplorable test grade as if the truth would go away in hiding

My honesty scared you. It scares everyone.

My honesty scared you. It scares everyone. And I’m okay with that.

After all this, I want to thank you for being you

Because if you weren’t you, I wouldn’t be so proud of myself right now for being the strong one

Written by: @genevieve © Genevieve Kubica xoxo

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