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Only the Universe creates chaos. Anything else is just senseless noise created by weak minds.

Written by:
© Genevieve Kubica


I feel so clear minded with you gone

My bedroom tells another story

A jumble of soiled clothes paired with an unmade bed

unread books bro ken poems

strewn about soaking up

the pierced bloody heart

this is the messiest I’ve ever seen my room

Isn't it?

I don’t remember

You’d have made my bed at this point

Hinting that I should tidy up

I’m so used to your standards now

Laughable actually

That everything else seems like a mess

I’m learning about you now after the fact

The crimson flags of doubt

You hated that outer chaos

A messy disorganized, irrational mind you'd say

But it’s the inner chaos that allows your mind to slip

That’s the kind I hate

That sense left me when I moved

Nothing felt real with you

Although it doesn’t feel real now either

I’ve lost all sensation of reality

all feeling all memory all love

All of myself

But the path is uncovering again

Clearing out the leaves and unease

Tree boughs and bad memories pushed aside

I cannot live in your chaos

Now is the time to find those lost as you are

Instead of changing the course of those

who were always cognizant of themselves

Like me.

It is time to let me go

so you can figure out who you are

or continue a lost cause in chaos

Written by: @genevieve © Genevieve Kubica

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