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Will you brave the alone? Or will you choose the overused path of the clone?
Forever alone...

Written by: @genevieve

© Genevieve Kubica

Alone or Clone?

While watching the passersby’s out my bedroom window on their Sunday morning walks, I zone in on two couples walking abreast to one another.

Two mothers both in black leggings and brightly patterned tanks, a golden retriever, and two notably miserable looking men wearing identical Persian blue cotton tees pushing overly accessorized baby carriages.

The word basic comes to mind. Plain works too. Clearly not interesting.

It goes deeper than that, however.

It goes deeper than that, however. I see this all the time.

Children become adults who become families who have more children and they are all essentially facsimiles of each other following the same patterns like everyone else before them.

Years and years of the same.........

Years and years of the same.........exact

Years and years of the same.........exact.........thing.

The empty sounding women filling themselves with gossip and senseless stories of who has what, who said what, and who did what.

The life-depleted faces of men who got into the family life too soon when the bachelor life continues to throb in their psyche.

Everyone seemingly depressed despite the airs feigned.

From my desks’ perspective, it seems that societal pressures have influenced both the men and the women in different ways.

The infants have yet to face these decisions but will eventually figure it out... all to choose their parents path like everyone else or

have the option to be a lone soul that very few seem brave enough to risk.

I detect this programmed behavior and choose to walk the other way strolling in tandem only with my twin soul by my side.

I do not fear being alone when the only other option seems to be a carbon copy or a clone.

Written by: @genevieve © Genevieve Kubica

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