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When we find our higher purpose, only then will we find freedom from the bars of the masses

Written By: @genevieve
© Genevieve Kubica

A Time For Change

Reddened skin light eyes

Open your mind’s eye

A superiority complex metastasized

Far more serious than we’re led to believe

But the cracks in our foundation have begun to weave

Filtering up like weed stalks

Its more than that though

There’s a fixation

On the color of someone’s skin

A mere difference in pigmentation

Take it back to 1980 1950 2015

There is no distinction despite the year difference

Where is the change?

A proliferation of unstable minds

Created by resistance toward most of mankind

No alteration of belief system

No abiding of laws in place

A mask of control

Only it’s a reformulation

A new age of hate concealed

A concoction of evil

black brown tan white

We don’t need specifics

What we need is this awareness....

It’s the human spectrum

A rainbow or color wheel

Its melanin Its biology

Its evolution and creation

A hex chart

Its real life no afterthought

If you don’t believe me

Develop an inquiry

Don’t follow the convenience

For when you do your clouded minds go darker than jet-black ink

uninformed idle ignorant lackeys

That’s what they want though

While they’re more concerned with the billions and billions

We tune out our real thoughts

To become a mu ti lated version of ourselves

chasing a high that unattainable position

And what we’re left with...

Suppressed souls in the millions

Written by: @genevieve © Genevieve Kubica

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