~ Learn about me ~ Q&A time 🤗
               ~ Learn about me ~ 


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genevieve 💛🌙live in loving light✨🌞
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Ask me anything 💙

~ Learn about me ~ Q&A time 🤗

Hi lovely Commaful writers!! I wanted to do one of these Q&A sessions with you all since I’ve been seeing a lot of these go around and think it’s a great way to build community, gain friends, and grow your network

You can ask me anything - I have no rules or limits. If I don’t feel comfortable with a question, I’ll either ignore or I’ll send you a private message and answer it that way.

If you’re not comfortable asking me something publicly, just dm me ☺️💕☮️ Just know if something is inappropriate to me, I’ll just ignore it. No big deal! You never know until you ask and not too many things bother me so ask away 😎

xoxoxo -genevieve 👽

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