~ "A Bright Future" ~ Comma-full of Poems Collaboration #1

            ~ "A Bright Future" ~ 

           Comma-full of Poems 
                Collaboration #1 future stories

genevieve 💛🌙live in loving light✨🌞
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With a positive mind, you can climb whatever mountainous struggle you want to accomplish this year.

Thank you to all that were involved! <3


~ "A Bright Future" ~ Comma-full of Poems Collaboration #1

I'm ecstatic with how this collaboration came out. Everyone did such beautiful work and I definitely plan on doing another one of these in the future :D Thank you to all that were involved! <3

The magic of loving oneself can develop through patience of self-acceptance. A daunting task for those harboring thoughts of negativity but with an open mind, a slow trickle of faith begins to envelop. -@genevieve

My heart is filled because of you. I don’t know what I’d do Without you. -@deadassunicorn

Don’t ask me for explanation of this, It’s a pure feeling, feel and let me feel it. No words may express, no scenes may depict, Be here in this moment, never know what future might predict. -@vkpoetry

Becoming a better version of myself Is what I wish to achieve. Leaving all the pains behind, And becoming a whole new person with pride. -@prettilayko

I can't love myself more, That reader whose eye was sore, It may be so, But I want to still enter the library, And explore, More and more. -@debadityadutta

I vowed, i will embrace my scars, with love, i so freely give to all, I'm a product of chaos but, it adorned my build with beauty. So, i plant my blossom, not roses but wildflowers. -@soothrain

No longer seeds of doubt but blossoms of potential. I let my branches stretch to heights unimaginable while life’s energies alter my perception from bad to good, negative to positive, weak to strong. These growing buds of hope are essential. -@genevieve

Loving yourself need not be a surprise. Think of the love you have been denied. When you simply let the self-loathing subside. And let tears of joy be cried. -@jbo

It was a dire need, I had to protect myself. So, don’t ask me, why I have locked myself in. It’s the only way out. -@skye

Just like a flower In need of some sunshine Light enough, to make my petals shine Water is spilt, therefore my head tilts A sunflower blooms, distracting the buffoons -@sassmyass1

Cleanse my soul, for I wish someday, To be free of anger and hatred, so bitter, For want and need of the nectar of love, That shall consume my soul, And deem me reborn. -@in

Failed expectations and sharp words engraved on my forehead making it hard to believe in a fresh start. The sun comes up and I am reborn Shedding the ashes of a soul so torn Rebuilding myself from the ground up Taking control, getting up from the dust. -@badlands17

I cling to the dirt, I've found myself here in this hole Or at least, one part of me I'm terrified to rise But I must find the other parts It's scary but I'll try -@charliesheldon

Because from fear breeds courage, From courage, sparks bloom, Burst into mythical embers, A phoenix is born from the dirt. -@in

And it rises with the celebration of my revival. It will light the ground, creating a circus with the pieces that I've realigned. Many will ask what happened to the one that lost her path. Then time will remind them that it doesn't leave anyone behind. -@nazhaabd

My mistakes from the past conjure a new perspective With the sun poking behind the dimly lit moon To announce my revival by whistling an imperfect tune. -@hx3potter

The eerie light doesn’t dishearten me, As I translate my ecstatic soul Which seeps into the beautiful moonlight, Lighting up the hearts of billions. -@hx3potter

I will let my soul illuminate the skies of anyone struggling to live in love and light. My hope is to preserve thoughts of the wise to give the naive a chance to thrive in a world where optimism appears inundated by hate. Soon it will be steady peace we celebrate. -@genevieve

Thank you Commaful family <3 Go climb that mountain of your dreams! :D

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