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by genevans

I went out and I turned off the world.

And I did it just for you, Just so that the stars would shine a little brighter at night, and we could see our way in the darkness.

I turned off the world and turned you up,

And you whispered me to sleep in a language we both distantly understood. All that night you were in my head and all the next day I could feel you in my fingertips.

You know my heart is lonely.

It aches and wanders. It's desperate and it's hands are cold. But you held out your hands and my heart held on.

And then you woke up.

And your world turned back on, You tuned in and I tuned out. Because I started listening to my heart.

My heart, whose hands were warm now,

And I was happy with my warm heart, My warm hands. I was happy and I was in the dark.

I promised you

That you'd never hear these hands play the piano. You told me you'd hold a gun to my head if you had to. I wasn't scared, I also wasn't going to play for you

But now all my fingers do

Is itch for your ears to hear these melodies, and all I can do is play.

But is it bad that I hope you're hurting as much as I do?

Is it bad that I hope your heart has turned cold from my frozen hands? Is it bad that I hope you can't even look at my name?

I hope you taste bile in your throat

When you realise losing me was a mistake. I hope my name burns and dies in your throat. And it's as dramatic as you were.

But despite this,

My hands are still warm, They're just empty now. Because you believed your hands were poison. I believed they could build a wall, You told me they'd tear one down.

And all your friends believed you too.

And even though your poison hands were just pulling me along for the ride, I know you thought you were doing the right thing. I know you still think you're doing the right thing.

Because even when I reached for your hands

In a final desperate attempt, You just begged me to sleep. Because it was more important to you for me to pass my exams,

Than it was for you to sleep.

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