Scarlett Wood OC Info ||Creepypasta||
Scarlett Wood OC Info ||Creepypasta|| oc stories
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genesisclemente Name Scar, Bi Ace, Anime and BTS Yes
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I decided to be original, this is my Creepypasta OC Scarlet Wood. i am hoping to make a small book talking about her life and what happened just a information book. The book might turn into a story since i have a class at school where were making a comic book and me and my friends are all working on it. Since im mostly in charge of looks and plot i have a handful to do THATS ALL XD. BTW this is all mine, the link is my Wattpad account if your interested.


Scarlett Wood OC Info ||Creepypasta||


Name: Scarlet Wood

Killer Title: Knock Knock

Age: 18

Hight: 5'1

Hair color: Dark Blue

Eye color: left- Magenta Right- Dark Green

Blood Type: A

Species: Unknown

Relationship: single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthday: 3/16

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