My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo Crossover #4
My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo Crossover #4 the hunger games stories

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The 4th part of my Hunger Games and Percy Jackson crossover...

My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo Crossover #4

I'm so tired. Ive been walking/jogging for hours. I keep walking. I start to see a large object up ahead. I aproach it cautiously. I relize what it is. "There's no way," I think. But what I see is in fact,

a house.

I know very well not to go in it. It is definitly loaded with booby traps and who knows what. I slowly circle the place. I decide to just pass it expecting there to be land mines around it. But then I have an idea.

A house is going to be a very popular destination. Much better than sleeping on the ground for weeks. Plus its gotta be loaded with supplies kinda like a bonus cornacoupia. Except instead of just other competitors for this one, there are also the game makers to face. But I can use it as bait definitly. I just need smoke or something. I find a tall tree

with long limbs. I look around for a smooth rock. I finally find one and set to work. It takes forever but useing the back of my scythe I manage to make sparks and light a tiny strip of fabric. Slowly adding more and more fuel the fire begins to grow. I'm left with a burning pine limb. Perfect. Pine has a lot of sap and when burned, creates a big deal of smoke.

I climb the tree holding the log by the unburning end. I reach the correct hight and start to climb away from the trunk. I know that if I fall the games are over for me. And that means my whole life is over. Even so I keep slideing across the brach untill I'm close to the chimney. I toss the log into the chimney hopeing it doesn't blow out the fire. The log gets lodged

towards the top of the chimney, but its in there. I climb back to the ground, and grab my weapons. I walk about 20 yards away and climb another tree just high enough to be out of eye level. And I wait, because...

Its time to hunt.

Thank You so much for reading! To be continued...

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