My attempt at a Hunger Games and PJO crossover #1...
My attempt at a Hunger Games and PJO crossover #1... percy jackson stories

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Please leave feedback and tell me if I should do more...

My attempt at a Hunger Games and PJO crossover #1...

This is it...

The hunger games.

As I, Malcolm Pace, stand on the metal disk I look around at the arena and my competitors. I see a forest in about 30 yards to my left. To the right is just sand. Behind me is a half collapsed barn. and in front of me lies behind the cornacopia. I cant see past that.

Inside the cornacoupia I can see multiple bags. I see a belt with a sword and scabbard hanging just over the rim, about 20 feet up.

Next I look at my oponnents. Theres Annabeth 6 disks down from me. She is from district 6 as am I.

From 1 theres Thalia and Jason. They are deffinitly going to be in the career pack. District 1 allways is.

From district 2 there is Reyna and Octavion. I know Reyna is a good fighter and is independent. Octavion I can tell is a mad killer from his look.

From 3 there is Percy Jackson. (over rated scum) There is someother girl too. Im not sure of her name. She black hair at shoulder length. She looks like shes only 8 or so.

From 4 theres katie gardner and meg something. I dont see katie as a threat but I know district 4 is allways in the career pack so theyve got to be good.

From 5 there is a very tough looking girl in a leather jacket. Next to her is...

Sherman Yang. My best friend. I know he wont team with me. He's determined to win on his own.

From district 7 is Will Solice. I can tell he's not a good fighter. He is thin with long limbs though so I wouldn't doubt his ability to run and climb. Next to him is Austin. Im not sure what to make of him. I will certainly find out soon enough though.

From district 8 there is a thin blonde that you can tell is determined to kill us all from the scowl on her face. There is an almost identical version of her the next disk over.

District 9 Everyone allways underestimates. Im smart enough not to do that. there is a kid that I swear looks like a goblin. He smiles at me and waves. The next person is some little kid. looks like he could be 9.

Then from district 10 there is some scrawny kids. I think there names are Selina and Drew or something. I know they are no threat.

Then theres 11. This is allways the swing district. You could get some really good fighters or terrible ones. One time one of them one in a day. The next year the kids just sat there on the ground balling their eyes out and got killed immediatly. There is a kid with a scar on his face. I instintly want to kill him Im not sure why. Next to him is Travis Stoll. Im suprised his

twin didnt voulanter.

And last is district 12. Naturally we got two drunk looking kids with greasey black hair. I decide to target them first.

And then the gong rings...

Thanks for reading! To be continued if you would like me too! please comment if it was any good or not!

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