water under the bridge
water under the bridge healing stories

genaviveI put words together sometimes
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this is about forgiving and moving on. i feel like sometmies people forget about that part of growing. it really does feel nice to forgive people.

water under the bridge

by genavive

im carrying my bucket towards the ledge the one i was burdened with strapped on my back a demons gift but nevermind, itll be water under the bridge

i watch it empty like seeing the sky clear after rain raindrops like tears, sweat, and pain the memories flood back to me but nevermind, its water under the bridge.


this used to be the ocean i was drowning in where the waves would pave over all my straining towards escaping filled with hurting and hating

but the bucket tipped and the ocean leaked through the clouds. drizzling down from above.

its quite pretty now.

into puddles

nevermind those times, i forgive you. its all water under the bridge.

water that i need to live.

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