they were blue
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genaviveI put words together sometimes
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the strangest dreams are the ones that stick, that make you think about their meaning, if they have any at all. like if looking at someone's eyes could reveal something about yourself...

they were blue

by genavive

I had a dream

the kind that stuck to me that made me wondered what my subconscious was sending

his eyes

were hazel with a hint of green and wide with fear of something he didn't understand

they were dull And unwilling to hear music you did not know you would rather let go

switch up

other eyes

the kind that call to you whispering "ill tell you a secret, if you listen"

those pupils

had my ears took away my breath and the memory of my heartbeat till everything I knew,

was their existance

i was listening

they were blue

everything was vivid, the bluest i had ever seen the whites of your eyes retreated as youre irises grew

and your eyes turned into a full blue rarer than the moon they rolled back

until they swirled

like a starry night with no yellow rolling further away pulling me closer

into a light sky

over a suburb before sunset its strange how they looked like play blocks built up

clouds shuffled as

the skies phased in seconds as the view focused zoomed to a man

zoomed to his hands

holding a container that quickly overflowed and poured onto the streets

over the city and all that he knew filling the spaces and covering all bruise.

you then whispered

"if it looks real, it must be real"

your eyes were just eyes again


then i was awake in my bedroom looking at the ceiling.

but your eyes

they were blue.

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