in an alternate universe
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genavive I put words together sometimes
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i often think about the different possibilities we could exist in, unfortunately (?) i dont exist in those.

in an alternate universe

by genavive

in an alternate universe i ran away to japan and started a band. then i fell in love and once i cleared my vision i made my way back home. my hair was teal.

in another one everbody was happy. and avacados were free, becuase everbody loved avacados. we didnt care about houses because we all had homes.

in alternare universe 3, people were purple. their crowns were made if vines. and lovers kissed eachothers chest, becuase thats where the soul was.

on the other universe nobody cared, and everybody was already dead. we were empty shells. everything was dying. and we were too dehydrated to cry.

fortunately here we still have our dirty water. people care, but more for themselves. we find the time to laugh when were not sad. sometimes even when we are.

but the avacados arent free.

my hair isnt teal, and we dont kiss eachothers chest.


i hate existing here.

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