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MacKenna found it, the strange doll with a scary face still in the old house she and her friends believed to be cursed all those years ago.




Wish Doll

MacKenna found it, the strange doll with a scary face still in the old house she and her friends believed to be cursed all those years ago. His eye sockets were wide and black, empty of eyes.

His nose long and pointed, a grimace on his face, the slender doll sat on the edge of an old dresser covered in dust. Funny how he himself was dust free.

She held him gently, afraid yet not afraid. He was the answer to all her problems.

She looked into his eyes and made her first request.

“I know you answer wishes, so here’s mine. I need money and lots of it, like a million dollars. Can you help me?” She stared at the unresponsive doll for a moment, but nothing happened.

She let out sigh putting the doll back on the old dresser before finding her way back out of the broken door.

It was silly, she thought, that a doll could grant wishes. She would have to go back to her old way of saving money as best she could, a few dollars here, a few pennies there.

It all adds up… eventually, just a lot of time and a bunch of effort. She made her way back home and went to sleep.

The next morning she went about her usual business of getting ready for the day.

There were bills that needed to be paid, but before she could play the ‘what’s due now and what can wait’ game, she had to check her balance. To her surprise, her balance said exactly $1,000,000.

“What?” She checked the numbers of the account, not that she should be able to log into someone else’s account in the first place, but just in case. They were all correct.

She looked at the numbers again. “Is this true?”

She headed to her front door so she could go to the old house again, but on the table next to her door with her keys was the doll.

She approached it carefully thinking back. “I know I left you there.” She reached out and picked it up, his creepy, empty eyes looked back.

“How did you…?” She looked around. “Is this some sort of a joke?”

The doll seemed to be smiling.

"Well, if you did grant my wish, how about another? I need a new car. I suppose I could buy it with the money I just got, but all my medical bills and other debts...." She shook her head.

"You don't need the details. I wish for a new car. A fancy one, like a red Porsche or something."

She watched the doll intently for a moment before placing it back on the table by the door.

"This is ridiculous." She walked through the door.

As she walked into the office where she worked, she noticed her coworkers talking about something.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Haven't you heard?" said a female coworker. "A few charities were robbed last night totaling one million dollars! They have no idea how it happened."


"All of them help children in need. People have been donating to help them make it back, but without knowing how it happened they can't guarantee it won't happen again."

MacKenna watched her leave and wondered if it was just a coincidence.

All day, everywhere she went, all she heard about was the robbery. By the afternoon, the gossip surrounding the money turned into talk of a robbed car lot.

"One minute the Porsche was there, and the next it was gone," she heard someone say. "Like it just disappeared."

She left work early. It's not like she needed to keep her job now. She had a doll that could grant her every wish, and there was one wish she needed granting more than any other.

She saw the red Porsche in her driveway and was excited. This was the answer to all her prayers.

She walked inside and saw the keys next to the doll on the table. She held him in her hands curious if she should make another wish.

The news of the robberies played in her mind, but her need was stronger than their misfortune. It would only be one more time.

If this doll was as magical as she believed, all her medical issues would be through. The doll could solve all her problems.

She wouldn't have to live in pain anymore living off painkillers for her back and migraines.

If the doctors wouldn't help her, either because they couldn't due to limitations or wouldn't due to health insurance, then this doll would.

She held it firmly with both hands, a smirk playing at the corner of its mouth.

"I wish I wasn't in so much pain all the time. I don't want to be sick ever again."

She watched the doll for a moment looking for any sign of life. Just empty eyes and a hint of something she couldn't quite place.

She put the doll down and went to bed.

MacKenna's small house was cordoned off, wrapped in yellow police tape. Inside, there were people taking pictures, walking through rooms, talking about a mystery.

MacKenna had been missing for almost a week when her friend decided to check on her at home. Never again would she be in pain. Her suffering had been permanently silenced.

The detective looked at the doll on the table. It looked at him with its cold, lifeless eyes. What has it seen? What has it done? It sat on the table, blood on its hands.

It's just a doll isn't it?

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