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Sometimes, you just need a minute to yourself. It's not selfish, it saves lives.
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Time Away

by genaervin


All she wanted was peace and tranquility.

But they wouldn't let her relax.

They refused to allow her to find her peace.

"Make me lunch," they cried. "I'm bored," they whined.

Whining, demanding, crying

It had to stop.

She contemplated killing them.

Surely in prison she'd be left alone if she got herself placed in solitary confinement.

But she shrugged that idea away.

There may come a time when she would miss her family... maybe.

So she drove.

There was no destination, she just drove, turning whenever she wished, until she felt like stopping.

She pulled over by a hillside and decided to get out of her car and climb.

The view at the top was beautiful and the breeze felt nice.

She emptied her mind watching the sunset and then the moonrise.

After some time, she went back home.

She explained to everyone that she just needed a few moments to herself every now and then.

A minute to shut out the world.

Or she might actually end up murdering them all.

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