Thank you, Mister Barrie
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Thank you, Mister Barrie

If the first fairy was born from the first laugh of the first baby,

and a new fairy is born from the first laugh of every baby thereafter,

do you ever stop and wonder where your fairy is today?

Sometimes I do.

I wonder where she is and what she’s doing.

Some may find such a thing silly for a woman of my age to still believe in magic and fairies,

but what’s the point of living a life without a little magic?

I always ask the garden fairies to keep a watchful eye over my plants,

and when they’re sick, I ask the fairies to help them get better.

I was trimming the roses of their old buds one day (I read that doing so will yield more flowers next growth), when I saw her,

a small fairy that greatly resembled myself gathering fallen rose petals, for what I don’t really know.

She looked up at me with the petals in her arms and then quickly flew away on silvery wings.

Some might say I was seeing things, that maybe it was really a bug of some sort and I just imagined it, but it was her.

I'll always believe.

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