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His beauty haunts me. His dark allure draws me to him.
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His beauty haunts me.

His dark allure draws me to him.

He calls to me, like a lighthouse, sending his beacon to me.

I wish I could stay in that light forever.

The warmth of his playful heart wraps me in a blanket of joy casting away sadness.

His image haunts my dreams.

His dark beauty inhabits my every thought

Sleep eludes me.

All my senses scream out to engulf his magnificence.

My beloved,

I adore you from afar.

I long to touch him, to feel his touch in return.

To smell him.

His aroma filling me with joy.

Dare I wake him and ask a kiss?

He consumes me.

His dark majesty bores into my very soul with such intensity

It steals my air from my lungs

And all thoughts in my head turn to only him.

Such ferocity,

I lose all sense of where I am.

All sense of me.

He fills me with so many intense feelings,

Such fire,

Strong desires to be near him.

And yet…

Such fear to shy away.

Dark Majestic Desire

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