My Little Secret
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She's done something she shouldn't have but she likes to have secrets.

My Little Secret

by genaervin

She searched through her fridge in search of food.

Her guest would be hungry soon and she needed to find something for him.

It had been some time since she last went to the store and the pickings were slim,

but she managed to find a few things that would make a nice chicken dinner.

She prepared the food with great care and plated them as fancy as she could manage wanting to imitate what she had seen on a cooking show.

She put the plates on a serving tray and made her way to her guest.

"Sorry it took so long," she called out as she descended the steps. "I thought I might have order out but I found some stuff."

She reached the bottom and looked over at her guest sitting quietly in a wooden chair set at a dining table.

He seemed so peaceful, a far cry from the rage he had shown her before. "I'm so glad you've calmed down," she said.

She put the tray down and placed one plate for him and one for herself across from him.

She sat down and started eating. "This isn't bad. How's yours?"

He didn't answer. He simply sat there glaring at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said. "I guess it's hard for you to eat with your hands tied, but don't worry.

"Once you learn to accept that this is your life now, I'll untie you. Your family will forget all about you once they think you're dead.

"Your mine now. My very own little secret."

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