My Bold Little Bird
My Bold Little Bird nature stories

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One bird in my yard is more fearless than the others. He's bold and very inquisitive.
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My Bold Little Bird

by genaervin

There's a robin in my yard who doesn't seem to be afraid of me.

He watches me while I garden and tends to fly down to quickly grab a worm or two when he thinks I'm not looking.

He boldly stands near me while I'm using the water hose

he's even followed me around the yard while the lawnmower was running.

I walked around in my backyard deciding on if I should run the sprinkler when he landed in front of the water spigot.

He looked at me and then ran over to the bottom half of a broken planter that I sometimes put water in for all the birds.

He stared at me for a moment before flying to the fence.

I smiled at him.

Clearly my bold little friend was thirsty.

I filled the pot with cool water and before I had even gotten back inside, he was back to see if I did as I was told.

I stood around watching him for a moment before he put a little more distance between us.

He's okay with making requests of me (unless he's actually giving orders), but he doesn't want me to get too close.

All the other birds call to me when they know I'm behind glass.

But my bold little robin will get within 10 feet and just watch me.

I wonder if he's as fascinated by my behavior as I am about his.

Is he just a curious soul, or is he about to lead a bird revolution?

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