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It's time to hear not just to respond, but to actually listen, really listen. You may just learn something and be able to teach someone else at the same time.
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by genaervin

Children don't listen.

When they’re told something is bad When they’re told things to say or how to act

They don't listen.

When advice is freely given about their health, lives, education They don’t listen.

All suggestions taken for granted Taken for lies

What do we know? What do people who have been there before know?

And that thinking stays with them all their lives.

People don't listen.

They hear what they want you say, but they don't listen.

Beliefs, politics, life.


All life is precious. All lives matter.

Black, white, red. Is color really so important?

I am I and you are you.

My beliefs are not yours and your beliefs are not mine.

We survive.

We grow separately.

We live together, here and now

Common ground.

We learn, we laugh, we dream.


We seek truth, we seek friendship. We seek each other.

We seek love.

A heart beats, it grieves


We feel

Pain, loss, depression

We breathe

We are the same inside.

We exist.

We are all of us children.

By why should I tell you?

You won't listen.

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