It'll Never Happen Here
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Tragic things can happen anywhere.

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It'll Never Happen Here

It's hard to believe, when you think about it, that something so horrible can happen. You see things happen on the news and say "that can't happen here. I live somewhere safe."

But it does. But it can.

A person can walk into any building anywhere carrying a gun.

Once inside, that person can open fire, sharing bullets with everyone who can't outrun them.

It doesn't matter if the person is a sweet, old librarian, or a child looking for adventure between the pages of a book.

No one is immune to the impulses of a person in pain.

Is that person crazy? Depressed?

Have they reached out to you for help?

Do you defend them for what they've done regardless of personal circumstance?

The whim of a mad man?

A desperate cry for help from a child?

Does it matter what you call it when people have died?

Don't be afraid, but do be ever vigilant.

Be kind and helpful when you can.

Maybe you can prevent a tragedy.

But don't ever think that it'll never come to you.

Tragedy touches everyone sooner or later.

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