In the Dark
In the Dark hallucinations stories

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What if that shadow that shows up in the corner of your vision existed and told you to do things?

In the Dark

by genaervin

"I saw it standing there in the corner of my room.


Every time I tried to look at it full on, it disappeared.

It lurks in the shadows, in the corners of my sight.

I'm not sure if it's a ghost or just a hallucination.

When it passes my peripheral vision, I know what must be done.

It whispers a name in my ear and I obey.

I tracked the young man for a full hour. He never noticed.

The creature always knows how to hide me.

I waited like a predator for the ideal moment when he was alone before I struck.

I pushed him into the water and held him there until all the life had left his body.

They would just think it an accident, but it was me."

"Ellie, you still believe you've killed him? He's still very much alive. A little freaked out by your actions, but alive nonetheless."

"I know what I've done, Doc. I can't look at it fully, but it's here right now?"

He looked around. "I don't see anyone."

"Of course not," she laughed. "You're looking for it."

"Hmm, well does it have a name for you today?"

"Yes, Doctor." She smiled wide. "In time, they'll say this was an accident too."

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